My new year

A couple weeks ago I started my classes. This is my last year, so I really want to take advantage of it because I don’t think I’m going to be in these classrooms anymore. It’s
clear that I’m studying the final subjects of my double mayor; they are more difficult
and you need to have a good base to be able to understand them from the first day of class, specially in law. Furthermore, the professors are better prepared (there are always some exceptions) and I’m glad about it. In addition, these couple last years we’ve had associated law professors, that means that they are working in companies or professional offices, and that means that they have a more practical view of law, not just focused on theory.

It’s the first time that they are treating us like adults, almost ready to go into the job market and, in spite of the fact that we’re living a situation of economic crisis right
now, they always encourage us a lot and they tell us that we’re good educated in order to find a job without a lot of problems, even in big multinational companies. I don’t really know if this is true, but we’ll have time to figure it out next year.

Professors don’t stop to give us advise everyday. Usually, it is professional advice or about
studies, some professors even go deeper into personal advice. All of them are offering themselves to help us if we need them in any moment and that is changing my mind about my university professors this year.

Despite of technical problems (related with our tuition) in September, I conclude with a positive opinion about the new year, the subjects and the professors. I hope that everybody has a good year full of new experiences 🙂

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Una respuesta a My new year

  1. Jennifer dijo:

    I love your attitude. I am glad you have a positive outlook on things. Keep your head up. You’re smart, beautiful, and kind. You will land a job. No worries. :o)


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