Consumer behavior

On the 18th October I started a marketing project. I have to do a presentation with two classmates and explain it in front of the class in English. I think it’s interesting the section that I need to prepare and I like to investigate a bit about that topic.

What influences consumer behavior? In this part, we can differenciate cultural factors (subcultures, nationalities, racial groups and geographic regions), social factors (social roles, family, reference groups and statuses) and personal factors (age, lifestyle, personality, wealth, etc).

What are the key psychological keys in this sense? To know thoses processes, it’s neccesary to analyse the different motivational theories (topic that I like the most), consumer perceptions, learning and memory.

It’s importat to know all of these matters in order to analyse marketing, for instance, to know in which perspective we need to approach an advertisement, how it is going to influence receivers, how they are going to perceive it, if finally they are going to buy the product and if they are satisfied, etc.

Here there are a couple of sketchs that I found about advertising:

My presentation is on Tuesday and I hope that my project seems attractive and interesting to the rest of my classmates 🙂

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