Positive attitude

My boyfriend translated this for me today 🙂 I wrote it last Tuesday but I didn’t have time to translate it into English…

I’m usually a person who tries to keep a positive attitude whenever I can. I think that considering how my life is in these moments, it is the most appropiate thing to do. However, there are days in which that positivism goes wrong.

Tuesdays especially are the days that I need that positive attitude most due to the layout of my day. It’s usually the longest, hardest and most boring of the whole week. However, it’s a day dedicated to my class, my studies, some gym time and therefore I try to have more energy and a better attitude to be able to overcome the difficulties the best that I can.

This morning didn’t get off on the right foot and quite possibly won’t be a good day in general, but I’m happy that at least I have been able to go to my favorite class with a excellent professor.

My days can go wrong one of two ways: 1) something bad directly affects me or 2) someone around me that I care about has a bad day for whatever reason. Lately I think that the second one tends to happen more than the first.

What I don’t see just is that we feed into the sickness of being in a bad mood without having any excuse for being like this. We’re too fortunate for everything that we have (health, love, family, friends, education) and we should only enjoy these things and share them with those around us.

I feel very thankful for these things and I hope that you all have a great day, mantaining a positive attitude 🙂

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