Halloween and “All Hallows” Day

Yesterday, October 31st, it was Halloween in the US, Ireland, United Kingdom and other regions of the world. It’s a holiday that is becoming widespread in other cultures, for instance in Spain. People dress up, children go out and ask for candy, they try to scare each other… People just have fun.

On the other hand, in Spain we celebrate “All Hallows” Day on November 1st. It’s a Christian religious holiday, in which, traditionally, people go to cemeteries and visit their deceased relatives and bring flowers to them.

They seem to be completely opposite holidays –fun and solemnity. However, I was finding out about both holidays and I realized that, actually, Halloween has part of its origin in our holiday, and the word “Halloween” is a derivation from the English expression All Hallows’ Eve. The Irish who emigrated to the US trasmitted part of the tradition and finally it became a deeply-rooted custom there.

I’m glad that both holidays have the same sense deep down 🙂

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