11/11/1935 (English)

On November 11th, 1935 my grandma was born. She was born in Badajoz to a well-off family. Her father owned a business and she and her brother always had what they needed. When she was 12, she met my grandfather, but they didn’t start dating until they were older. She played hard to get in the beginning and I’m sure she was a pretty vain woman, just because she was gorgeous had a good body. She was a hard working and very intelligent woman, so colleages loved her in the company where she was working.

My grandparents got married more than 50 years ago and they are still a good couple, always making sure their family stays together. Two Fridays ago she turned 76 and I wanted to honor her in my blog and wish her HAPPY BIRTHDAY… 🙂

My grandparents have always lived in Badajoz, but we have always had a good relationship and I love them very much. I usually visit them once a month and in summer I usually stay for one or two weeks at their house to spend more time with them. They care about me a lot and they can never wait for me to go stay with them again. My grandma is also my godmother 🙂

It’s a pity that we’ve never lived close to one another because I always miss going to their house to have lunch or spend the afternoon. In addition, they love going out and traveling.

I hope they stay healthy for a long time and they continue to enjoy life 🙂

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