Personal changes

Can people change? This is a difficult question to answer. Generally, from my point of view, people can change, although they may be things that can’t change completely, at least they can be toned down… The problem is the difficulty of those changes.

Nobody is perfect. That’s why I try to change some things about my behavior or my character. I’ve reached a moment in my life in which I DO care to learn from my mistakes and to change for the better. Becoming a better person who is able to deserve everything I have in my life, that says a lot.

I want to be a happier, more positive and more sociable person. I want to be a calmer person, who accepts people’s mistakes. I want to enjoy the people that surround me. I want to be more comprehensive, not to interrupt when everyone else is talking, to listen without giving my opinion. I want to learn that I’m not always right and that things cannot be done as I want to. I want to start caring more about people and I want to care for the people that matter most to me.

There is always a difference, although it may be a small difference, between the person you are and the person you would like to be. It’s very hard to change, yet I think is esential to work during your lifetime to get closer to the better person you can be… 🙂

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