Christmas is coming…

We’re at the beggining of December. December means that CHRISTMAS is close and that everything starts to get ready for the celebrations: the lights adorn the streets, the stores are crowded with people buying gifts, turrones (kind of nougat candy), roast chestnuts…

This year in my family we all want to have more Christmas spirit and try to make Christmas more special because we’ll have a special guest 🙂 Last Saturday we decorated home and put the Christmas tree… When my sister and I were children, we always thought that our Christmas tree was pretty big and old pictures confirmed that (we were much smaller than it); however, now the tree is small and for the next year we’ll have to buy a new big one. What we actually have new this year are balls to decorate it and a Nativity scene 🙂

This year we have a new member in the family, to whom we want to show how is Christmas in Spain, and overall that he tries the typical pastries 😉 Turrón, mazapán, polvorones… and the roscón de Reyes! Also, he’ll have the opportunity to see the Epiphany parade on the 5th of January and the gifts that the Three Wise Kings are going to give to him, for the first time 🙂 [No Santa Claus allowed]

I can’t wait for Christmas this year: enjoying in family, having fun, eating a lot of turrón and singing carols (my sister is preparing them)… I’m sure it’ll be an unforgetable Christmas surrounded by ALL my beloved people…

Here are some pics from our Christmas decoration 🙂

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