This is my life…

Well… I don’t even know how to start… I’ve been SUPER busy this last couple weeks… During the State holidays on the 6th and 8th, I had a cold, so I had to be at home taking care of myself and just STUDYING… yes, studying… I had my first exam on December this year, on my 6th year… In Spain, our semesters at university are different: end of January-beggining of February the first term and June the second term… Now, actually I have my regular exams starting at the end of January. However, last year I had bad luck with one subject because I didn’t have time to study it after I came back from the US, so I’ve been studying very hard for this subject (also because I really like it) “Procedural law”, since October that we started college… I also had a busy weeks because of my seminars and all the projects I had to submit before Christmas… Finally, everything turned out very well and surprise!! I get an “A” in my exam 🙂

This last week of classes I spent all my time in the library and in classes, and I ate 3 days out of 5 in the university cafeteria, because I didn’t even have time to go home for lunch (thing that I usually do)… I was so fed up…

Now, I’m finally in my “kind-of-holidays”, and I say that because I really have to study very hard during Christmas for my first term exams (I have 7!!)… After being so busy, I needed a rest, so that’s what I’ve been pretty much doing this weekend 🙂

Now, I’m freaking out again and I’m getting more and more nervous. I have a process selection in a huge Spanish company. This is just for my internship, but you need to be really really good to get it and be very competitive… First, I need to pass 5 exams (oh God!) and then, a couple personal interviews. I don’t want to have big expectations because it’s almost impossible to pass all  of them, but just to getting accustomed to this type of proccesses, I think it’s worthy. Althought I have to admit that I’m very scared…

The best part of all of this that has happened to me lately, is the fact that Tuesday evening, my boyfriend is coming from the US, after 4 months without seeing each other 🙂 I think I don’t need to say anything more… Excitement, excitement, excitement, EXCITEMENT!!!! 😛

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