The welcoming

I know I’ve been too much time without posting anything :-S First, I was very busy with my exam and my last classes of the year. Then, I tried to do a lot of things in very few time (not successfully) and finally, HE arrived to Sevilla. My boyfriend came on the 20th from the US to spend Christmas with me… So, I’m sorry but I completely forgot about my blog… uppss 🙂

I also had my process selection to do my internship in a huge firm in Spain. I was very nervous, but it wasn’t so bad… I don’t know anything yet because the girls from HR department will call the students after Christmas, but at least I had my first experience within a company… 🙂

By chance, the process selection was the same day that Brian got to Spain. I went to pick him up from the airport around 9 and the plane was 1 hour late… I was much more nervous than during the morning ^^ I couldn’t believe he was here again, after 4 looooong months 🙂 I always had a mix of feelings…

Brian & I have been together 24 hours a day since he arrived and I’m much more than happy to have him here again 🙂

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