The goodbye

When you don’t have all the time you’d like to spend it with your special person, you take advantage of every second and the rest of the world almost disappear… This is the reason why I haven’t written for so long…

This has been the best month of my life, without a doubt. I thought nothing would exceed what I lived in the US for 4 months (and from a point of view, it’s true), but the feelings that I’ve experienced this month are unequalled. When you mix the precious time with your special person, and the company of your family at home, you really feel much more than blessed. It’s like having everything that actually matters in your life at the same time… Priceless.

I’ve shared my whole life with him, every single moment… To wake him up in the morning, to have a toast and nesquik for breakfast, to have lunch and dinner at home with my family, to spend hours watching movies in the couch (our favorite pastime), to go out, to pray together and say “have sweet dreams” before going to bed… Sharing my wardrobe, the space of my room (everything is messed up, but I miss it)… Kisses, hugs, smiles…

It arrived the time to say goodbye, but we’ll see each other very soon.

As the song says “My love is alive, Right down in my heart, Although we are miles apart” 🙂

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2 respuestas a The goodbye

  1. Pam dijo:

    that was so beautifully said Natty Bo 🙂

  2. Dave Harvey dijo:

    It is great to have all those you love together in one place, especially when they all enjoy each other’s company.


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