My name is Natalia and I’m 23. I’m in my 6th year (and the last one, thank God!) at my university. I’m studying a double degree in Law and Business Administration, in Pablo de Olavide University.

I’m interested in almost everything. Profesionally, I’m interested in some law fields (civil, criminal, commercial, tax and international) and also some aspects related with business (accounting, finance and human resources). I love talking about everything and knowing everybody’s opinions. Sometimes I’m more liberal, other times more conservative; I just have different perspectives about everything. I’m open-minded and I think I’m pretty tolerant. I have important relationships with people from different countries and cultures and I like knowing the opinion from foreign people.

Personally, I love the cinema and I’m addicted to tv shows (overall, american shows), reading, fashion… and I’m introducing myself into handcrafts and pastrymaking 🙂 I’m trying to become more creative little by little and try new things. I also like photography.

The thing that I love the most is travelling. I love being in a new place for a lot of time, becoming accustomed to new things and turning them into a part of my home. I’ve achieved that in some occasions and those experiences are those that enrich you, make you who you are and deeply put a mark on your life. I love every little place in the world and I hope to see all of it that I can, with my own eyes, during my lifetime.

It’s neccesary to learn how to enjoy every place and every moment, that’s the best way to be happy 🙂



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